The winner аannounced of the Vyzvolennia Square and the revitalization of the DASU building


Posted on: October 18th, 2020

The winner аannounced of the Vyzvolennia Square and the revitalization of the DASU building

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On 25 September 2020, the jury of the international open ideas competition selected the winners for landscaping of the Vyzvolennia Square and the revitalization of the DASU building and the adjacent area in Mariupol, Ukraine.

The winning project (WAW777 entry code) is authored by the group of architects, based in Berlin (Germany) and represented by Pavlo Zabotin, Olena Kobets and Victor Kopieikin.

The second-place winner is the project (AAA137 entry code) submitted by the group of authors, based in Copenhagen (Denmark) represented by the architects Vladimirov Petro and Gilfanov Artur.

The third-place winner is the project (AAQ111 entry code) submitted by the group of authors, based in Kremenchuk (Ukraine) and represented by the architects Skachko Ivan, Borysova Marharyta and Kryvtsova Oleksandra.

The competition’s purpose was to determine the best ideas and authors of the subsequent project for the landscaping of the Vyzvolennia Square, the revitalization of the DASU building and the adjacent area; to boost further sustainable development of the site as one of the epicenters of the City Strategy 2021 implementation. The competition site has a significant importance for the Mariupol city due to its historical value and location on the principal city axes: Teatralnyi Square – Mira Avenue – Vyzvolennia Square. The DASU building itself has a meaningful potential to reclassify into a City Community Center.

The tag line of the winning project is “You glorify the foreign, but you don’t know your own”

The concept of the project is to initiate a path guiding the industrial society back to the regional roots. The Concept is inspired by the history, tradition and nature of Mariupol and its surroundings. The revitalized square is the place where diverse people coexist and influence each other. This place is a market; it is a theatre, a restaurant, a gym, a garden, a monument, a museum, a playground, a pond, an ice rink, a chessboard, and a shipyard for reflection. It is the Heart of the city.

Streets kept simple, green, clean and wild at the same time are easy to maintain and pleasant for a passer-by. Based on this vision, the project reveals possible, future extension of the design site. Suggested modification of Zems’ka Street, Heorhiivs’ka Street and Koval’s’kyi Ln introduces additional harmony in the entire concept and creates gentle gates to the main square.

Another feature of the project is the new functionality of the DASU building and its courtyards. It was decided to leave the visual authenticity of the building. Performing small changes in the facade, frontal ground floor and the courtyard area all visitors enjoy modern space, which got integrated to the entire design site. The visible, giant wooden terrace provides not only visual, but also functional connection.

The Project focuses on energy-saving technologies (additional building insulation, sun-protection rails, “galvanized sheet steel” used for the rear-ventilated facade system), which makes its beneficial for the environment. Transforming courtyards for various kinds of functions (festivals, cinema, and exhibitions) and offering possibility to have closed events differentiates the space from the open main square.  Additional attraction is the Secret garden, which was designed in order to implement compositional balancing of the building structure of the square at the intersection of Mira Ave and Mykolaivs’ka Street.


The Viktor Nilsen Open International Architecture Ideas Competition in Mariupol, Ukraine was launched on May 01, 2020. It was organized by the AB «ZOTOV&CO» LLC for an order of the Municipal commercial enterprise of Mariupol city council «M.EHUB». Architects, landscape architects and urban planners from around the world were invited to participate in the competition.

This competition is the first annual Viktor Nilsen Architecture Ideas Competition, established in the frame of the Mariupol City Urban Development program.


Initially, applications were submitted from 25 countries. Prior to the winners’ selection the TOP10 submissions were determined by the Competition Jurors. The Jury evaluated the projects under the condition of anonymity. For further information regarding the TOP10 submissions please follow the link:

The competition jury included:

  1. Vadim Boichenko, Mariupol City Mayor, Ukraine
  2. Mikael Colville-Andersen, urban designer and host of the urbanism series «The Life-Sized City», Denmark
  3. Stavros Gargaretas, project leader, architect, MVRDV, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  4. Theo Hauben, architect, partner diederendirrix architecture & urbanism, Eindhoven & Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  5. Monika Konrad, architect, urban planner, Head of Municipal Office of Town Planning and Development Strategy in the City of Warsaw, Poland
  6. Peter Veenstra, landscape architect and co-founder of LOLA Landscape Architects, the Netherlands
  7. Vitalii Viazovskyi, architect, Head of the Donetsk Regional Organization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Ukraine


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