Timber Pavilion | Temporary Pavilion


Posted on: November 22nd, 2021

Timber Pavilion | Temporary Pavilion

Timber Pavilion is a celebration of timber as a building material, one that mankind has been effectively using since prehistoric times. Though often overlooked for sturdier materials like steel and concrete, timber not only creates a beautiful aesthetic, but is also one of the more sustainable building materials in use today.

Participants in the Timber Pavilion competition are tasked with designing a temporary pavilion that functions as an exhibition about timber as a construction material. Participants are required to design both the pavilion and the contents of the exhibition itself, all within 50sqm of floor space.

The Timber Pavilion competition is open until April 27, 2022, with winners of the 6,000 € prize to be announced on July 13, 2022. Visit pavilioncompetition.com for more details.


Important dates:

Registration deadline: April 27,2022
Submission deadline: April 27,2022
Result Announcement: July 13, 2022


For further details visit.

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