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Project Name: Tlalpuente

Practice: PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Firm Location: Mexico

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 350m2

Project Location: South Mexico City

Lead Architects: Pablo Pérez Palacios , Alfonso de la Concha Rojas

Design Team: Miguel Vargas, Blas Treviño, Claudia Cortés, Enrique Villegas, Lucía Bosch

Photo Credits: Rafael Gamo

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Tlalpuente project explores the relation of the house with its environment, as it is located in the middle of a forest known as Tlalpuente, in southern Mexico City. It has a 360º view of the surroundings and no neighbours.

The architectural concept addresses the idea of an open plan over a basement on natural terrain. This was traduced in an intersection of basic Geometry and a structural intersection that defines the spaces of the house. This grid resulted in three main voids: each has a particular purpose that compliments the interior space, views and terraces. Finally, it establishes a dialogue between the natural scenery surround the house and its structure.


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