Toronto Affordable Housing Challenge | Winner Announced




The Toronto Affordable Housing Challenge is part of Bee Breeders’ Affordable Housing competition series, run in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS. In this competition, we saw innovative solutions to the city’s housing crisis – from community co-living facilities to 3D-printed homes stackable modular homes, and new forms of transit-oriented development.

First prize winners Tristan Van Leur and Samantha Eby from Canada proposed a self-funded housing collective that would be inserted into existing corner lots in Toronto neighborhoods. Their “Cooperative Corners” project offered affordable and livable domestic spaces free from speculation or developer profits.

Toronto Affordable Housing Winner 1

Second prize winners Giovanni Fruttaldo, Kimberly Carlisle, and Noah Lemus from the United States addressed the needs of a multigenerational community by grafting new building blocks into the existing underutilized laneways of Toronto’s neighborhoods in their “Laneway Housing” project.

Toronto Affordable Housing Winner 2

Third prize winners Ana Luisa Rolim, Isabella Trindade, Beatriz Bueno, and Larissa Falavigna from Brazil designed the “LaneWAY of Living” project which proposed a form of incremental housing for a greener, denser Toronto.

Toronto Affordable Housing Winner 3

Finally, Bjarne Van der Drift, Gerjan Agterhuis, and Casper Bovy from the Technische universiteit Delft in the Netherlands were awarded both the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award and the AAPPAREL Sustainability Award for their project “Reading Between the Lines”.

Find the entire result of the competition on the WEBSITE.


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