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Project Name: Duplicate-Duplex

Practice: TOUCH Architect

Firm Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 75 sqm

Project Location: Bangkok,Thailand

Clients: Najaree Ratanajiajaroen / Chanon Treenet

Contractors: Legend Construction Group

Photo Credits: Chalermwat Wongchompoo

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Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

A major pain point of staying in 64 sq.m. of duplex condominium unit, which is used for a home-studio for an animator and an artist, is that there is not enough space for dwelling.

Moreover, a double-volume space of living area with a huge glass curtain wall, faces West. High temperature occurs all day long, since it allows direct sunlight to come inside.

In order to solve both mentioned problems, three addition items are proposed which are, GRID PARTITION, EXTENSION DECK, and STEPPING SPACE. The grid partition and the extension deck help ‘decrease’ the electricity charge, while the extension deck and the stepping space help ‘increase’ the space for 11 sq.m.


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