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Project Name: Tourist Residential Resort

Practice: AYK Associates Architects

Firm Location: Pafos, Cyprus

Project Location: Yeroskipou, Pafos, Cyprus

Lead Architects: Andreas Y. Kyriakou

Design Team: Andreas Y. Kyriakou, Stella Makri

Clients: Private Client

Interior + Furniture: Stella Makri

Collaborators: Christos Kyrillou

Photo Credits: Christos Kyrillou

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Project Description

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A local developer and owner of a unique piece of land in Yeroskipou, Pafos, Cyprus, invited AYK Associates Architects to participate in a competition by invitation for designing and developing an outstanding residential resort for locals and tourists. The project has been set to become a new hyper luxury Tourist Residential Resort for area’s tourism.  

Set in a plot right next to the sea, the project pursues environmental standards of sustainability in an effort to preserve the region’s stunning and picturesque landscape. Additionally, it has been designed to blend itself effortlessly and smoothly into the beautiful natural landscape of sown and reaped fields.

The masterplan has been visioned to become a special enterprise zone. Beyond hyper-luxury accommodations, it includes exclusive facilities for the residents as well as external visitors. This project seeks not only to complement the existing touristic facilities of Kato Pafos but to upgrade the services, offering a new unique paradigm establishing a new financial model.

AYK’s proposal is respectful of the environmental sensitivity of the region, taking a “green” approach that will have the least detrimental impact on the wonderful landscape of the area. Using sustainable materials, the idea is to carry out most of the disruptive construction work in off-site and allow greater control in factory conditions.

The proposed Resort is in a plot of 5844sq.m. at the south-east of Pafos with stunning views of the rising and setting sun, while also overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the south-west. Formed of 10 residential buildings positioned at the edges of a triangular arrangement to ensure the maximum visibility to the sea and all looking towards the heart of the development, the Club House, the Resort is defined by its materiality and structure.

Each 2-storey blocks is consist of two parallel vertical white walls which support an upper lightweight structure, forming a two-bedroom family at the ground floor level and a one-bedroom hyper-luxury residence at the first-floor level.

The opposite edge of triangles peak point is marked by the neat and contemporary volume of the Club House consisting of a double height fine-dining restaurant and a vibrant roof-top bar with views out to the sea as well as an underground luxury spa for relaxing and recovering.

Using textured, earthy tones the resort is made predominantly from timber and streel structure, reducing the concrete walls and its embodied carbons. The buildings propose a lightweight structural frame construction along with a minimal precast foundation, minimizing the impact on site. Louvers along with screens and solid facades mitigate the low strong sun during summer season while they offer privacy, keeping though the architectural lightness of the elements.

Masterplan – Project Vision

The Masterplan’s vision explores the balance of landscape and built area to achieve the ideal luxury tourist resort. Our vision sources its inspiration by the surroundings, low and high vegetation, goldy fields and the long coastline with the sandy linear beach.

A rural road bringing the guests from the coastline road towards the resort will introduce the visitors toa pure natural environment. The route from the touristic area of Kato Pafos, the promenade and the hotel-line towards the well-known ‘Rikkos beach’ until the Tourist Residential Resort arrival level highlight the heart of tourism and the summer vibe of the city, the long coastline behind the hotels, some of the most beautiful beaches you can find into the city, going further to a virgin area where natural assets still prevail.

The surroundings of the Tourist Residential Resort with its stand-alone lightweight houses, strip of reeds, reaped fields, beaches with clear waters, sand and wildlife will provide the users with a complete beach resort holiday.

On the other hand, the resort itself offers an exclusive package of hyper-luxury amenities within the Clun House located into the Masterplan which has been designed to support the resort. This space has been developed to upgrade the luxury resort offering a unique spa experience, a high-end signature restaurant and an exclusive view towards the Mediterranean Sea from the bar at the roof top during the day or a star gaze experience together with cocktail during the evening


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