Travel & Architecture | ArchWeekly Winners

Travel & Architecture | ArchWeekly Winners


Travel and Architecture’ is a theme that is part of the contest series ArchWeekly, a new brand of journal competitions inviting participants to engage in critical conversations on selected themes from several disciplines of architecture and design.

We travel to learn and explore beyond the envelope we live in. When we enter a city, the first impression of the city comes from what we see around us, the buildings and their architecture. We are influenced and overwhelmed by the ingenuity in architecture. Travelling enables learning beyond photographs and articles. Selecting where to travel and what to look for is very subjective. While travelling you must consider various factors that might affect our trips.

Various architectural destinations have emerged with time that are gaining popularity across the globe. Travelling helps us connect to the surroundings. It enhances our knowledge of how architectural heritage monuments have led to the modern contemporary structures.

Participants are expected to explore different aspects of travelling w.r.t. architecture through stories, accounts and observations.



Lila Azhar

Travel & Architecture | ArchWeekly Winners


To Travel Is To Live…

An account on why travel is important for architects.


Honorable Mention:

John Ombrog

Travel & Architecture | ArchWeekly Winners


Lessons Of Travel

An essay about the relationship between Architecture and Travel.


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