TURF | Winner Announced

TURF | Winner Announced


‘Turf’ is an architecture competition that invites thoughtful and effective design solutions to create healthy living environments for students in their accommodations. In many cases, the increase in demand and cost of mass housing may have led to compromised quality of spaces. In such conditions, architects and designers are needed to bring forward economic designs to build modular, scalable, and affordable student housing. Students are not only shaped in their educational spaces but also by their living conditions. The competition encourages architects/designers to consider various needs of students, physical and psychological, and provide quality housing that supports their overall well-being.



Winner 1: Yunus Almahdaly

TURF | Winner Announced


Runner Up: Shaygan Kiafar

TURF | Winner Announced


People’s Choice:

Winner 1: Tanay Kulkarni

TURF | Winner Announced


Winner 2: Mrunal Dusane

TURF | Winner Announced



Michael Zeile

Rana Hany

Anna Villaviray

Sandra Jin

Dan Caronongan

Jessie Zhuang

Said Daudov

Toni Gonzalez

Robert Maskos

atelier whyar

carla wijaya

Menno Smit

Sihan Liao



Explore the entire result on the competition WEBSITE.


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