UPB Bucharamanga Temple | OPUS Estudio

SAVE UPB Bucharamanga Temple | OPUS Estudio

Project Name: UPB Bucharamanga Temple

Practice: OPUS Estudio

Firm Location: Medellin, Columbia

Completion year: 2015

Project Location: Bucaramanga, Colombia

Photo Credits: Federico Cairoli

More Specs

A site made up of relief and vegetation houses the temple. The assembly space is defined by a folded roof that arises from the integration of two sections, where the first suggests a congregation space with a more horizontal access ratio that invites entry, and then, once inside, the space is it rises towards the presbytery where a section of vertical proportions is developed emphasizing the relationship between heaven and earth.

The opening of the space frames the existing mass of vegetation that rises with the relief, making this nearby landscape a reinterpretation of the catechetical content of traditional stained glass in Catholic temples, in this case the man-nature relationship being the subject of reflection. The interior-exterior relationship sets out different degrees of opening that filter the light, open or veil the landscape with fixed and mobile lattices, just as the prevailing winds carry the interior.




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