Villa Vernacular- Kerala | Result Announced


Posted on: July 7th, 2021

Villa Vernacular- Kerala | Result Announced


Brief: Villa Vernacular is a design challenge focussed on building a motion towards responsible leisure properties across the world. It is an idea that looks towards equalizing the balance between rural identities and urban demands. The ability to pay does give access to every construction technology at hand, but the challenge wants to normalize the fact that living in rural should be a healthy exchange instead of closed compound construction and living like the city.



The design brief was formulated taking every small detail of what an individual needs if he enjoys his profession as well his hobbies. The project is nothing but an outcome of how spaces unite and segregate to create what is known as a HOME as well as an ESCAPE FROM THE NORMAL.


Jury Comments

The concept of providing a set of smaller elements connected under one roof has been well understood and presented. Pockets of green along the central spine provide breaks in the large building footprint giving internal spaces access to natural light and view greening.


The geometry of these planted zones could be softened to contrast the formal geometry of the individual internal spaces. The roof itself is less finalized with small slivers bridging over the central circulation axis. Perhaps the roofs of the private spaces could be lower with the central spin raised above as a more communal space._ Jacob Holman


With a few minor improvements, this project becomes a very enjoyable environment to live in. _ Gaetan Siew

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