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Architecture Firm Name: Wiesebrock Architecture

Website: wiesebrock.com.au/

Firm Location: Victoria, Australia

Founding Year: 2017

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Richard Wiesebrock

Richard Wiesebrock founded WA in 2017 after ten years working with some of Australia’s best award-winning architects. A registered architect, he has designed and delivered new builds and alterations spanning commercial fit outs, schools, houses, and cultural facilities. His diverse experience has reinforced the power of taking a collaborative approach to projects, and the exponential benefits of developing a strong relationship built on understanding and effective communication. He has dedicated his life to deepening his understanding of truly great design. In the pursuit of expanding his expertise, he’s learnt how to restore vintage furniture and motorcycles, hand build models, and renovate his own home. This cumulative experience helps him approach new design challenges with fresh perspectives and multifaceted expertise.

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