Result Announced | New Dencities


Posted on: June 26th, 2021

Result Announced | New Dencities


New Dencities challenged to develop a zero-commute, mixed-use residential neighborhood concept that is resilient to pandemic impacts and is built for a population that lives, works, and plays in the same place.

In a future where remote working/living is established as a reality, where the commute itself is completely abolished from our daily lives, what will our neighborhoods be like?

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Winner| New Dencities : The Catcher in the Sky

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In the post-pandemic era, architecture/urban design has a clear historical mission: to shape a future urban form that is as close to the human body as possible, so that the body can move easily and freely, and the body-guarding architecture can get comfortable ventilation, sunlight, and landscape. Our design is committed to this mission.

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Jury Comment
Overall a very imaginative design-exactly as we like to see in these types of competitions. Well done! _ Naomi H├ębert

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