WORKSHOPS @archidiaries

WORKSHOPS @archidiaries


With the current world under lockdown, and everyone at home, the medium of online learning presents a huge opportunity for everyone. With online platforms such as Zoom, Conceptboard, and Google Classroom, it has now become easier to collaborate across regions and nations. ArchiDiaries supports this learning beyond universities and classrooms and thus is taking up the role of a facilitator. We bring to you exciting online workshops from tutors across Design and Architecture universities, fields and experiences. These workshops are a great convenience for co-learning from home, while battling through these uncertain times.

Workshops 2020

Introduction to computational design(Rhino+Grasshopper) by Adnan Makda
15th – 29st June, 2020 (15 days)

Digital Fabrication (Parametric Design) by Arpi Maheshwari
11th – 18th June, 2020

Artitecture (Art+Architecture) by Percy Pithawala
22nd-27th june, 2020

Advance computational design (Rhino+Grasshopper+Revit+Python) by Adnan Makda
25th June – 08th July, 2020 (15 days)

WORKSHOPS @archidiaries


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