WWF Observation Cabins | Winners Announced


Posted on: August 30th, 2021

WWF Observation Cabins | Winners Announced


The “WWF Observation Cabins” is YAC’s and WWF’s competition to support one of the most ancient WWF’s oases. Such competition aims at creating a place where to raise awareness, where visitors can reconcile with nature by enjoying and acknowledging the beauty that lies where human beings manage to remain silent and listen.

This competition aims to rediscover the main identity of architecture, namely being a “tamed” nature where human beings can be moved by bright sunsets, be amazed by flying pink flamingos, or tremble at the freezing touch of west breezes.

The Winners of the competition are as following:

Winner 1_Fingers Crossed
Gioia Romani, Filippo Marconi, Simone Passaro, Lorenzo Bacci

WWF Observation Cabins Winner 1

Winner 2_three times K
MEMBERS_ Weronika Klaus, Joanna Klejment, Aleksandra Kreft

WWF Observation Cabins Winner 2

Winner 3_ Felipe Astudillo + Fernando Contreras
_ Felipe Astudillo , Fernando Contreras

WWF Observation Cabins Winner 1

Explore the entire result announcement on the competition WEBSITE.

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