Young Stars

SAVE Young Stars

Last Submission Date: 23 September 2020

Prizes: Trophy and KRW 5,000,000 and other

Type: For Students

Category: Korea

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About Competition

Sales revenue from ready-to-eat meal kits, or home meal replacements (HMR), has been increasing rapidly. While the growing number of single-person households partially accounts for that rise, its rate unexpectedly accelerated when the COVID-19 outbreak discouraged families from dining out. NS Shopping has developed a set of high-quality PB products which can be trusted and enjoyed by the whole family, countering the conventional belief that HMRs are not wholesome and are akin to instant convenience foods lacking the devotion and effort needed to produce high quality and depth of flavour.

MitUs started from this question: “How can we make an HMR product that is healthy and trustworthy?” Based on the Quality and Safety System proudly developed by NS Shopping, we are committed to producing a growing number of HMR products made with wholesome ingredients sourced from trustworthy producers.

“HMR (home meal replacements)” seems to be an accepted term in the food industry, and people in the industry would probably be familiar with it.

Related terms (probably more familiar to laypeople): ready-to-eat meals, ready-to-heat meals, ready-made meals, ready-made family meals, heat-and-eat meals, meal solutions.

Participants can choose submission category like film, prints, outdoor, online, creative solutions and planning papers. For detailed information about this please visit website.


Individual or Team (max-4)

  • University students from all over the world including students on leave
  • Graduated students except PhD
  • Students of AD or Design related major, etc.

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