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Architecture Firm Name: Adam Dettrick Architects


Firm Location: Melbourne, Australia

Adam Dettrick

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Adam Dettrick has 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial architecture.

With an approach that considers his clients’ unique requirements in equal measure with the character and context of each site, Adam’s designs are both practical and embedded with artistic expression.

Adam’s greatest virtue is his attention to detail, however his personal approach and genuine interest in sustainability are highly valued by his clients

Practice Ideology

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Building on the ideas and aspirations of our clients, we work to create intelligent spaces that are not only beautiful and practical, but also have a special sense of place and meaning.

With clear climatic values, energy saving solutions are embedded into our design conception starting with an assessment of ‘re-usability’ if there is an existing building in place.  Enlisting sunlight as our most powerful tool, we design to create the optimal balance between space and light as we do with form and function.

Intelligent architecture must be socially responsibility – from the selection of materials, to promoting community integration and opportunities for social connection and experiences. Our practice strives to create value for our clients and collaborate with them to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of future generations.

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