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Architecture Firm Name: Esquissos Arquitectura e Consultoria


Firm Location: Portugal

Founding Year: 2014

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Created in 2004 by Arch. Marco Ligeiro, Esquissos – Arquitectura e Consultoria has developed ideas and projects in the areas of architecture – housing, rehabilitation, industrial and commercial sector – and design. Areas such as sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor air quality or budget control, combined with investment in tools that ensure accuracy and compatibility between the various specialties, allow our projects to be given what matters most to any client – ​​comfort and quality.

The atelier has been developing projects of different scales and programs, the result of combining the technical knowledge of a qualified multidisciplinary team with artistic expression suited to the intentions of each client. In addition to the in-house team of Architects, partnerships were established with technicians who make it possible to respond to any program, ensuring careful monitoring from the first sketch to the conclusion of the work. The technical rigor of the entire process at the service of a conceptual basis and its coordination with all the specialties involved ensure a final result of excellence.

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