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Architecture Firm Name: Hacker Architects

Website: https://www.hackerarchitects.com/

Firm Location: Portland

Design Team: Charles Dorn, Jennifer Dzienis, Jennifer Fowler, Sarah Hacker, Nick Hodges, Chris Hodney, David Keltner, Laura Klinger, Stefee Knudsen, Scott Mannhard, Corey Martin, Matt Sugarbaker

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Thom Hacker

Practice Ideology

Hacker is an architecture and interior design based in Portland, founded by Thom Hacker. The studio united by a call to create meaningful spaces that enrich the world—spaces that make us feel more connected to the landscape, each other and ourselves.

We work collaboratively in an open studio, coming together for investigative discussions and creative exploration and inspiring our most elevated work in each other. Our partnership with clients, with their intimate understanding of the needs of those who will inhabit their buildings, is central to our process—we can only do our best work when we listen deeply and respond wholly and creatively to our client’s aspirations.

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