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Architecture Firm Name: La Errería * Architecture Office


Firm Location: Alicante, Spain

Founding Year: 2012

Design Team: Soledad Rico

Consultants: Víctor Martín

LA ERRERÍA * OFFICE OF ARCHITECTURE is a Spanish-based office founded by Carlos Sánchez García & Luis Navarro Jover in 2012.

Carlos & Luis has also developed their career, between 2006-2012, in architecture offices such as Ad-hoc msl, Grupo Aranea, Ulargui Pesquera Arquitectos and Alfredo Payá Arquitectos.


Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

“The current political and economic situation leads us to rethink our capacity to influence society, in an environment badly hurt by the excesses of the recent past. And the first thing we must do is to assume the need, already stated by Schumacher, to create an intermediate technology, accessible to all the people, where the humanistic logic of production prevails over the mass of individual people, as opposed to the capitalist logic of mass production. If it is the people who produce and consume, they themselves must have control the progress, the production and the consumption.”

Faced with positions that value the size, the internationalization or the immediacy, we are convinced that new strategies are needed for linking the architecture to the place from new perspectives that have to do with sustainability, proximity and deep thinking.

The small scale, by opposition or necessity, is today the work of a new generation of architects with which we can guarantee a greater conceptual intensity, a greater constructive integrity, and, if allowed, a greater formal coherence what, without doubt, it helps to establish a better fit with the environment in which we live.


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