Foshan Topway Design

Foshan Topway Design


  • Practice: Foshan Topway Design
  • Country: China
  • Year: 2002

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN was co-founded by Wang Zhike and Li Xiaoshui in 2002. The practice mainly works on quality commercial spaces and upscale residences, and offers integrated solutions ranging from project planning, architecture, interior, landscape to art and furnishings. Based on modernist aesthetics and guided by naturalism, FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN conceives space suitable for the current context and explores the trend of future space as well. It combines Oriental artistic conception with Western structural aesthetics, and strikes a balance among functionality, humanism and art, intending to create unique, poetic space. Meanwhile, the company emphasizes the importance of commercial logic and operational principles for space, and attaches great importance to the execution and realization of design concepts, hoping to maximize the commercial value for brands. FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN has won plenty of design awards at home and abroad, including A’ Design Award and Competition, The Outstanding Property Award London, Grands Prix Du Design Awards, International Design Awards, Interceramic Award for Architecture and Interior Design (PREMIO INTERCERAMIC DE ARQUITECTURA E INTERIORISMO), London Design Awards, China Architectural Design Competition, Asia Pacific Design Awards for Elite, China International Interior Design Biennale (Gold Award), and Jintang Prize, etc. With nearly two decades of efforts, FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN has gained wide recognition in the market and design community, and has become one of the most excellent spatial design practice that excels at creating commercial value for clients.

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