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Architecture Firm Name: TACO Taller de Arquitectura Contextual

Website: www.arquitecturacontextual.com

Firm Location: Merida, Mexico

Founding Year: 2011

Carlos Patrón Ibarra (ARCHITECT)




Alejandro Patrón Sansor (CIVIL ENGINEER)


Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

TACO is a multidisciplinary workshop established in Mérida, Mexico; where architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscaping and furniture projects are designed, developed and executed in a comprehensive manner. His practice is based on a contextual analysis that includes tangible factors such as nature, the built environment and materiality; as well as intangible factors, such as the local culture, the particularities of the users, the constructive and economic viabilities, the memory and the emotions, among others.

The philosophy of the workshop lies in the conviction that reading, interpreting and linking the elements that make up the specific context of each situation, allows deciphering works with a strong sense of identity and rooted in the site, which contributes to the construction of testimonies of a society more conscious and sensitive to the space in which it develops.

Its design methodology aims to generate an architecture with common sense and reflective, capable of promoting coexistence between users and the environments in which they are developed; that is interested in being profitable for society by synthesizing itself to the minimum, and thus achieve more with less.

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