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Architecture Firm Name: Vereda Architects


Firm Location: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Founding Year: 2013

Design Team: Tatiana Ozzetti, Bruno Manso, Carolina Hosino, Kaique Xavier, Gabriela Takase

João Paulo Meirelles de Faria

João Paulo Meirelles de Faria, the founding partner of Vereda Architects, is a graduate architect from the University of São Paulo in 2002 and from Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he received his Master of Architecture degree in 2012.


Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Founded in 2013, Vereda Architects develops architectural projects that combine inventive capacity, constructive feasibility, sustainability and architectural excellence through a rigorous and attentive process on the elaboration of its projects.

Sees architecture as an activity that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge; recognizes that architecture, despite the scale and complexity of our cities, still has a fundamental role in the production of these cities, mainly with its symbolic role and the construction of ideas.

Vereda Architects is based in São Paulo and has carried out projects in several fields, from furniture design to larger architectural projects. Its architects have a strong presence in the university and understand this role as fundamental in the intellectual production of the office and how to contribute to the training of new architects and to the advancement of the discipline.

With its production – both intellectual and from built projects – Vereda wants to contribute to the transformation of our cities: so that they are places of full personal fulfillment and expression of our best collective ideals.

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