Weekly Highlights 2021 #40

Project of the Week - Axel Springer Campus | OMA


Posted on: October 3rd, 2021

Weekly Highlights 2021 #40

Archidiaries is excited to share the “Project of the Week”. Along with this, the weekly highlight contains few of the best projects, published throughout the week. These selected projects represent the best content curated and shared by the team at ArchiDiaries.

Axel Springer Campus | OMA

Prishtina Sports Hall | ENOTA Architects + OUD Architecture

Café Camelon | MVRDV + GRAS Arquitectos

Casa Scout | BAAG – Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal

Bonte cafe | Yen Architecture

Interplay | Compartment S4

Strangers: Room with a rejected view | Wutopia Lab


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