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SEDA – Urban Design Studio…Exercise-1…Study of ‘bazaars’…

Post Series: SEDA-Urban Design Studio-2016

Study of ‘bazaars
In the groups of four, students will pick an existing bazaar, or a portion of a bazaar, from the city of Vadodara and study it under following topics.
Experiential mapping
·         Google map printout on a scale
·         Photographical documentation (places, objects, people)
·         Individual sketches (min 10 per person)
·         Cross-sections through the street (should cover all the conditions)
·         A collage depicting the experiential qualities of the bazaar
·         List of objects being sold in the bazaar (get some)
·         People’s profile (shop owners, residents, shoppers at various times of the day)
·         Landmarks
·         Secondary/support activities (eateries, parking, etc)
Physical mapping
(Get your measure-tapes moving)
·         Sketched plan of the identified area on a scale (with activities)
·         Sections-Elevations on a scale (with activities)
·         Detailed layouts and sections of the variety of shops, starting from a small thela, up to big shops
·         Display techniques, shop extensions, details
·         Figure-ground relationship
·         Land-use and ownership
·         Activity mapping – Morning, noon, and evening activities rendered on the plan (with photographs)
·         Territory marking on site plan and cross-sections (follow three different colors)
o   Actual boundary of the shops
o   Extended boundary of the shops
o   Visual extent in the street
·         Relationship with the city (location, growth, etc)
·         Support activities in-and-around the market
o   Eateries
o   Hotels
o   Banks/ATMs
o   Godown
o   Parking
o   Bus-stop/auto-stand
·         Comparative analysis between ‘market’ case-studies and malls with respect to following qualities
o   Density
o   Layering
o   Complexity
o   Anonymity
o   Porosity and edges
o   Territory
o   Dynamism (time and space)
(pick one of the following malls for comparative analysis)
o   National plaza
o   Inorbit mall
o   Dmart, Akota
o   7 seas mall
o   New Bus Depo
o   Typical commercial complex on O P Road

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