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Project Name: Banh Cam’s Country House

Practice: Plus Idea Studio

Firm Location: Plus Idea Studio

Completion year: 2020

Gross Built up Area: 115 sqm

Project Location: Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh, Vietnam

Lead Architects: Cao Thanh An, Nguyen Ha Nam

Design Team: Hoa Tien Manh, Nguyen Hoang Nam

Photo Credits: An Cao

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Project Description

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Plus idea studio responds to vietnam‘s hot tropical climate with this multi-generational family home in tây ninh. Designed for a photographer, her parents, and her siblings, the single-story dwelling focuses on connectivity between generations, and connectivity to green spaces. Banh cam’s country house is built on a narrow plot measuring 7.5m wide and 30m deep. In response to this challenging site, plus idea studio organized the program on a linear layout, along which a lush garden runs parallel.

A low wall at the entrance provides privacy and separates the house from a covered carport. this wall also affords surprise as it conceals the lush green garden that awaits. upon entering, a long corridor extends throughout the length of the plot and acts as a transitional space between indoor and outdoor.

The kitchen, dining and living room is located in the center of the floor plan in order to maximize connectivity between the two generations. three bedrooms, a shower room, laundry room, and worship room are arranged on either side of this social hub. as well as connectivity, the interiors spaces are also designed with flexibility in case of hosting guests who come to visit.

The roof to the garden extends with a generous overhang to provide shade from the hot sun. between the corridor and garden there’s also a bamboo curtain that can be closed or raised depending on the weather. when open, residents can enjoy views of the garden and a sense of outdoor living. on the other hand, when closed, the curtain provides welcome protection from direct sunlight or rain. this open architecture is also a strategy by plus idea studio to utilize natural light and ventilation, hopefully reducing energy costs for the family.


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