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SAVE CAF House | Estudio MMX

Project Name: CAF House

Practice: Estudio MMX

Firm Location: Mexico City

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 278.5 m2

Project Location: Hidalgo, Mexico

Lead Architects: Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Rio, Emmanuel Ramírez, Diego Ricalde

Design Team: Olivia Hansberg, Javier Moctezuma

Photo Credits: Rafael Gamo

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect)

A plot in the state of Hidalgo, which has magnificent views of a golf course and a dam, shelters the Casa CAF project carried out by Estudio MMX. A project that in addition to complying with the client’s requirements and conditions of the place, incorporates in its design and execution compliance with the strict residential regulations that promote the hegemony of the landscape.

The architectural program is focused on privileging most of the spaces with views of the landscape, taking advantage of the descending topography of the small piece of land and integrating a generous garden enjoyed by those who inhabit and visit this house. The protagonist of the project, the garden, joins the common areas of the ground floor creating a spatial continuity between the access and the back that has direct contact with the golf course.

Interpreting the requirements and the regulations, a design was developed that combines the different bodies with the slopes in which fragmentation and sloping roof planes are essential. The pyramidal figure responds to the need to distribute a larger area on the ground floor, resulting in a house that has the ability to function in a semi-desert climate with very hot days and very cold nights.

Concrete, steel, wood and apparent ocher partitions stand out the different geometries achieved in the design process and are complemented by elements that give character and warmth to the space. From all points, a house in a rural country setting can be distinguished that refers to a barn on the slope of a mountain with views of the lake, reinforcing the presence of its structure and the geometry of its roofs.



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