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Project Name: Family Apt no 5

Practice: Rust Architects

Firm Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Project Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Photo Credits: Gidon Levin

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

The apartment was divided into many rooms as was typical in that period in which each different function was separated with walls into a separate room, closed service areas which lack natural light were adjacent to the front, and a long corridor that divided the apartment without a clear definition of public and private spaces. The apartment was planned with the objective of allowing in maximum light according to the use of each space during the day.

The main premise was to divide the square plan into two halves. One area included the public areas; an entrance hall, guest bathroom, kitchen and living space which continued into a roofed terrace. The second half containing the private areas included; 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a workspace which also connects to the terrace.

The axis that divides between the two areas is accented with a façade that functions as a large storage unit with a comfortable sitting niche, entrance hall with a large mirror, and a large black metal bookcase that functions as an airy partition between the private corridor and storage and media unit in the living room.

At the far end of the apartment, a long, open horizontal space with large windows previously served as an area for service and storage. The space that is adjacent to the living room functions as a roofed terrace. The space was covered with white ceramic tiles that create a feeling of the outdoor integrating with the greenery growing between the buildings.

The second half of the space is also open with large windows and functions as a work space for the homeowners are both designers.

The continuous elements in the apartment blur the different functions while surfaces, materials and colors gently define different functions.

Using natural materials next to black metal, simple glazed ceramics and subtle technical lighting which dispenses gentle light in all spaces creates a rich and meticulous apartment that is also cozy and welcoming for the homeowners.


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