Ants & Terra-Morphic Explorations | Live Interview with Monish Siripurapu (Ant Studio)



Technology in Architecture: Live Interview Series

About Monish Siripurapu:
Monish Siripurapu is a practicing architect from New Delhi. He graduated with a PG Diploma from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in 2015 and founded the firm Ant studio in 2010. The studios believes that architecture is a balance of nature, sustainability and emerging technologies. A large segment of their work involves experimentation with Terracota as a building material and re-adapting traditional construction techniques.

About the Talk:
This talk focuses on the exploration and re-adaptation of terracotta, from a vernacular or traditional material to an alternate material for construction, and will take one on a journey of passive cooling constructions techniques and prevalent capillary actions and porous properties of the material that have paved the way to exploring its bio-receptivity and future possibilities.

Panelist: Adnan Makda
Adnan has completed his bachelors in Architecture from CEPT University , Ahmedabad. He has a special interest in combining technology with architecture. He is currently running a startup known as ARKEYTEC that focuses on applying artificial intelligence to architecture. For his research, he is currently associated with Google AI. Adnan has done his internship from the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. He has won awards like Ultratech: Building for Billion and Kohler student awards.

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