Detailing in Tensile Structures – Design, Engineering and Simulation | Live interview with Shehzad Irani



Technology in Architecture: Live Interview Series
About the talk:
Mediocre design is spectacular. Good design is obvious, Great design is invisible. They say that the lord is in the design, but the devil is in the details. Tensioned membrane structures offer a continued possibility of re imagining details as they haven’t been shackled by Codes and standards (yet) and offer the designer an ongoing possibility to test, engineer and evolve. This talk is about understanding the broad guidelines of forces that dictate the form and purpose of tensile structure detailing.
About Prof. Shehzad Irani
Shehzad Irani, is an alumnus of SBST, where he graduated in 2001. He did his Master’s in Membrane Structures at Hochschule Anhalt and has been conferred the hon. Title of M.Archineer by the Institute of Membrane and Shell Technology, Germany. He has been practicing in the field of Architectural Engineering and tensile structures since 2002. He started teaching at CEPT in 2006 at various positions and has been teaching Computational Design and Digital Design in the master’s program since the last couple of years. He has guided various thesis and written papers on the topic which have been published internationally. He founded SCHAFBOCK DESIGN WORKSHOP, which have not only design – engineered but also executed projects of a variety of scale, purpose and application, which include the Cable net roof over Rajkot Science City, OMAXe Connaught Place roof which is an over 200,000 sqft roof and recently they are working with the design team of the 2020 UAE pavilion in Dubai. He is always looking for the next challenge in the field, and firmly believes in collaborative design process where all stakeholders have an even footing and can contribute their worth right from the inception to a final design.

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