Role of Transition Spaces in Buildings in Extreme Climates | Live Interview with Sachin Rastogi | India



Shades of Green 2.0 | Live Interview Series

About the talk:

In climates where external conditions are extremely harsh (e.g. Delhi in summers at 45°C) what is an occupant’s experience while moving form internal to external environments? How can we minimise the difference between extreme outdoor temperature and the desired indoor temperature? To protect occupants from thermal shocks and create opportunities for social interaction in a thermally comfortable environment, the need for a transition space that acts as a buffer between the external and internal spaces becomes essential. It regulates airflow and decreases direct and diffused radiations on the façade, hence reducing heating/cooling energy demands. Over the years ZedLab has experimented with transition spaces in different kinds of projects ranging from residential to institutional. Contrary to the traditional courtyard within the building envelope, the approach is to introduce transition spaces at the periphery that creates a protected external environment for the users and the building itself.
About Sachin Rastogi :
Sachin Rastogi, holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi, graduating in 2006. At post graduate level, he completed his Masters in Science program in Sustainable Environmental Design from Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture, London in 2008. Presently he heads the Zero Energy Design Lab studio, both as a founder director and design principal. He has been responsible for, and has led the design process for a variety of prestigious projects, across the categories of residential, hospitality, institutional, commercial and industrial. His work and interests have seen him travel across the globe and acquire extensive exposure while also establishing strong collaborative bonds with leading international practices. In 2019, Sachin has won multiple national and international design awards.

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