The Responsible Expression | Live Interview with Snehal Shah (EssTeam)



Shades of Green 1.0 – sustainable building approach

About the Interview
With emerging materials and technology, more and more architects and designers are realising the importance of performance aspects of the buildings. In spite of so many tools available to measure the performance and there by designing better performing buildings, there seems a huge inertia so as to continue designing with the conventional design processes. The interview tries to inquire into the role of such technology and tools in designing buildings which own up their responsibility towards the environment. Snehal Shah intends to share his views on this through 4 projects his practice has designed.

About Snehal Shah
A gold medalist in his graduate and post-graduate studies at CEPT, Snehal has founded a multi-faceted practice at Surat which has multiple firms disbursing professional services in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Green Building Facilitation, Product Design, Art Integration, and Project Management. A natural affinity towards growth of people and the planet, has led the practice to get wedded to the philosophy of designing Green. In the span of about 2 decades, the firm has been well recognized through 30+ International, National and Regional design excellence awards and nearly 30 Certified Green Buildings. Snehal is the co-founder and serving as the chair person of Indian Green Building Council, Surat Chapter. Snehal is also actively associated with the field of education and has been serving Dept of Architecture, SCET, Surat as a Professor.

Hiten Chavda:

Hiten Chavda has graduated with degree of Bachelor in Architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. After 5 years of practice in India, his interests in Sustainability led him to do Masters in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. His work experience at Terry Farrell in London helped him gain insight and exposure on various international projects. Few years as Principal Architect of one of the greenest developers of India in Bangalore, helped him in building practical solutions for sustainability. Currently he is the founder and partner at Anahat architects, Vadodara along with his association with academia.

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