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Project Name: Poly-Hankou Mark

Practice: M-Design

Products: The Xihao Workshop, One House One Cloth

Firm Location: Jiang An Qu

Gross Built up Area: 722 sqm

Project Location: Aomen Rd

Lead Architects: Huopu Construction Design Professional Service Firm Co., Ltd.

Design Team: Yang Yirong, Chen Meijun

Clients: Poly (Wuhan) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Landscape Consultants: Wuhan Zhongchuanghuanya Construction Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd

Photo Credits: Feng Jian

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Excerpt: Poly-Hankou Mark is designed by a multi-disciplinary firm M-Design which amalgamates traditional Chinese culture and modern foreign culture as the connection of the whole space. 

Project Description

(“Text as submitted by the architects”)

This project is located in the core prosperous area of Hankou. M-Design, a well-known firm in the design field, takes on the interior design and soft decoration of this project’s sales center, which has long been praised as the most thriving city since ancient times. 

The growing dock industry and multiple treaty ports made it known far and wide. “As the intersection of land and water transportation, with multiple elegant pavilions and places of interest, wood carving with classic ornamentation, the traditional Hankou Culture infuses itself into the rushing rivers, thriving past, and contemporary urban life.” The designer uses the traditional Chinese culture and modern foreign culture as the connection of the whole space. With fashion, elegant and modern elements, the designer creates an appealing mood.

Taking inspiration from the combination of traditional and modern arts, the designer remains committed to demonstrating the art through the sketching of aesthetic elements. With a combination of the elegance and essence of an international luxury brand, the designer infuses fashion, elegance, luxury, and modernity into the space.

In this project, the designer put the circles as specific symbols. Refining visual elements and innovating artistic forms from modern classics, the designer integrated the “minimalism and elegance” philosophy and exquisite details into the sales center, allowing guests to enjoy the ultra-aesthetic experience.

Guided by natural light, traveling through a designed corridor with light and shadow, guests can get the experience of wandering in a time machine that connects traditional and modern culture. The project presents a combination of architecture’s silhouette and future trends.

The distinctive gem and classic color become the unique picture through the recreation and connection by the designer.

Elegant aesthetic space is the shell, the experience of a luxurious life is the core. The ink mirror finish ceiling reflects the epitome of the city, in the same design as the classic culture of the luxury brand, the mirror folding demonstrates the modernist style to the best.

With patterns from light stones and double mirror folding of the ceiling and floor, the bar with water ripple texture is like a boat on the river cruising between art and life, leisurely and vividly.

The core design of this project lies in the effective connection between residence and city, showing the further pursuit of lifestyle and quality. Wired glass presents the bustling image in the indistinct frame. The combination of traditional and modern spatial arts taps the designer’s inspiration, continuing the beauty of local architecture through silhouette. As a master of target positioning of projects, the designer rationally and strategically figures out the client’s demand in a profound vision of humanity.

In this project, the designer constructed a new space of historical and spiritual culture with local elements and modernity. To this end, people can have a depth cognition and inner acknowledgment of the city’s culture from the fusion of exquisite elements. Thanks to the strong industrial chain of integration, strategy, and execution ability, the designer provides complete and forward plans including conception, plan, project, and materialization for clients, completing superb excellent projects for clients.


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