1405 Design Studio

1405 Design Studio


  • Practice: 1405 Design Studio
  • Website: 1405designstudio.com/
  • Firm Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2016

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Ashwath Narayanan

Ashwath graduated from Design faculty, CEPT, Ahmadabad and has been practicing design since 2005, Being a truly hands-on designer he took a massive interest towards the essence of construction and translating design ideas from paper to reality. Ashwath strongly believes that interior design is not only a rich man’s luxury but also a common man’s need: “Spatial design is a universal requirement and deserves solutions in all aspects irrespective of budget and individual visual sensibilities.” This belief has driven our studio to work on a plethora of projects from really small offices and homes, to high-end luxury homes and large office to a kids experience centers & Non Profit schools.

Divya Khullar

A CEPT Ahmadabad product, Divya began her professional career in 2010 with Studio Lotus in New Delhi. After about 2yrs she moved to Chennai to work with Niels Schonfelder at Mancini Enterprises, This 5yrs stint led to exploration of an assortment of designs through modest, sustainable use of materials and concepts that belong to land, its people and surroundings, further strengthening the belief of the context and the environment influencing the people, their thoughts, aspirations and therefore the their spaces and objects.

A staunch admirer of works of Jean Prouvé, Luis Barragán along with Issey Miyake and Yayoi Kusama, Divya believes in the power of contrasts. She takes immense joy in merging different design sensibilities picked up over the years to bring the best of all in visually bold and cohesive design intrinsic solutions.

Practice Ideology

Our design language is situation and solution based. We like to keep things simple and logical, wherein aesthetics is not an add-on but a by-product, that’s what makes design timeless and holistic. Every object and space is a reflection of its environment, its people and the process; and that becomes the underlying concept for our unique, bespoke cohesive designs.

We enjoy delving into a variety of projects: creating luxurious residential spaces to humble spaces & small dwellings, commercial offices as not-so-commercial spaces to experience centers for kids, schools for the underprivileged to retail spaces for the uber luxury products. The variety keeps us on our feet.

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