7th Hue Architecture Studio

7th Hue Architecture Studio


  • Practice: 7th Hue Architecture Studio
  • Firm Location: Thrissur, Kerala
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2013

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Ar. Shyam Raj C

Born on May 14, 1988, Ar. Shyamraj Chandroth graduated from the Government Engineering College in Thrissur in 2011. He started his career at MR Associates as an associate architect. He established his own firm named Viewpoint Designs in 2013, based in Thrissur, and later established 7th Hue Architecture Studio as a sister concern in 2022. Starting with private residences, the firm now handles projects like group villas, apartments, commercial buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, multiplexes, educational institutions, and resorts all over Kerala.



Ar. Liliya Paul

Born on October 25, 1993, Ar.Liliya Paul graduated from Bishop Jerome School of Architecture, Kollam, in 2017. She started her career at AXYZ Ventures as a junior architect. She will now work as an associate architect at 7th Hue Architecture Studio in 2020.

She is a passionate architect and works mainly on tropical designs with green spaces.



Practice Ideology

Inspired by the works of Ar. Geoffrey Bawa, 7th Hue Architecture Studio follows a mainly tropical architectural style in its buildings. Their approach to design is purely client and site based, and they believe every building should respond to nature in a positive way. They believe in co-living with nature. According to them, nature is not something that we see in a box but something to live with. They believe that “walking with nature will help you receive more than you seek”.

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