AANGAN Architects

AANGAN Architects


  • Practice: AANGAN Architects
  • Website: aanganarchitects.org/
  • Firm Location: Surat, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2001

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Ar. Vishal Shah






Ar. Vishal Desai






Practice Ideology

AANGAN Architects was instituted in April 2001 with the motive of creating sensible and responsive design collaboration in fields related to the built environment; Architect & Urban Designer Vishal Shah the Founder Partner and Ar. Vishal Desai, Partner is heading the firm with Ar. Niti Shah & Ar. Prathama Desai provides an edge to Planning and Interior Design respectively.

‘AANGAN’- a Hindi word, means a transitional forecourt of a traditional Indian House, the word suggests a pause, a phase of transition incidental at the entrance of the house. The Design philosophy of the firm metaphorically represents the word ‘AANGAN’ which facilitates the decision making for the client for a better living environment. The methodology of AANGAN strives to promote innovative and alternative thinking amongst all involved in the design and promote sustainable practice from the conceptual stage.

Presently the firm is dealing with projects related to Residential and Institutional Architecture, interior architecture, Urban –Design and Landscape. Members of the organization are also actively involved in academics and collaborate with like minded firms for important projects contributing to the betterment of the living environment. The organization has a wide consultant base for structural engineering, Landscape Design, Services and Infrastructure design, arts and project management.

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