Adam Rujbr Architects

Adam Rujbr Architects


  • Practice: Adam Rujbr Architects
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  • Firm Location: Brno, Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: NA

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Adam Rujbr (Principal Architect)

Practice Ideology

We are a team of experienced architects and designers who are open to all challenges.


We design low-carbon, environmentally friendly buildings with minimal operating costs, harmoniously integrated into the wider whole with an emphasis on the public realm.


We are open to challenges and international cooperation, accepting students from all over the world for internships.


We continuously educate ourselves in 3D modeling using the BIM method, follow the latest trends in the world of architecture and design and travel for inspiration.


We see collaboration as a partnership process where honesty and mutual trust is important.

A team of experts

The projects we design are extremely complex and require a range of experts and, like any good orchestra, cannot do without a conductor.

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