Alexander Tischler

Alexander Tischler


  • Practice: Alexander Tischler
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Moscow/Yekaterinburg, Miami
  • Country: USA, Russia
  • Year: 2012

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Karen Karapetian

Karen is the one who created a new service in the market for the production of interiors. Over 10 years, he has been designing residential interiors and furniture, completed over 120 projects. Knowing literally everything about interior and furniture design, Karen could create unique and helpful content for Youtube and Instagram, showing and explaining design solutions and touching on topics nobody spoke about before. The content mixing educational and practical purposes with a sense of humour made him one of the top design influencers with a huge reach out.

Practice Ideology

Alexander Tischler is a full-service interior design company. We have designers, engineers, fitters and finishers working together, so our team knows how to design interiors and furniture fully corresponding to the concept.

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