Alkhemist Architects

Alkhemist Architects


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Practice Ideology

Alkhemist Architects is a research and design studio providing architecture, interior, branding identity, and graphic design. We strongly believe that design can help society to re- embrace on values of tangible materials within our constantly changing world. We embrace on tradition as well as excited by evolution. We are constantly in search for a balance in preservation and progression.

“Building accomplishes its nature in the raising of locations by the joining of their spaces. Only if we are capable of dwelling, only then can we build.” Martin Heidegger, “Building Dwelling Thinking” At Alkhemist Architects, we perceive that building is an art of assembly and craftsmanship which must establish a harmony and inspired atmosphere between users and their environment. To construct this purposeful assemblage, we intend to design which can provide balance between being common usage and being spectacular unique. We also strongly believe in conducting a research, as a part of design process, can assist us to deliver a unique solution to response to each specific place, time, context, and contents.

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