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Jonathan Choe








Practice Ideology

Archigardener is a digitally-native multidisciplinary design consultancy based in the Asia Pacific region and currently headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Founder Jonathan Choe is a Singapore-registered architect & designer with over a decade of experience creating intrinsically sustainable designs of various typologies and scales across Asia & Australia.

Our focus is on creating green spaces and places: both literally verdant and fundamentally environmentally sustainable, blurring boundaries between indoor & outdoor at the junction between urbanism, architecture, interiors & landscape. Each project is approached without preconceived notions of form or style through a deep understanding of the site & cultural context, client ambitions, programmatic requirements, and other project particulars.

We offer a holistic suite of design services, including master planning, feasibility studies, urban design, building design, integrated and urban landscapes, renovations, interior work & designed objects. We also offer digital media consulting services to assist built environment sector businesses to engage meaningfully through digital media forms.

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