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Dmytro Vasyliev

Due to the architectural talent of Dmytro, Archimatika is known for many progressive projects. He anticipates the trend, creates additional value to the project, convinces clients of his vision and thereby bring mutual benefit to the companies. Dmytro has charisma and strength not only to believe in the best, but also to embody the changes. Innovator and progressor, actively share his skills and achievements in parametric design and BIM-technologies, speaking at the workshops, conferences, forums.

Aleksandr Popov

Aleksandr is a guest speaker at many leading industryv conferences and forums, a member of the jury of international and national architectural competitions. Moreover, Aleksandr seeks to improve the cities in which we live, the living conditions of people. Thus, he has developed a new standard of architectural practice – PRO-housing.


Practice Ideology

The company’s projects aim to increase real estate value for the ultimate satisfaction of businesses and citizens. In every project, the company emphasizes the site’s features and finds aesthetic, practical, and economical solutions to make every project the best in its category. Thus the main company’s principle is balancing the human needs, the project’s profitability, and the urban environment’s requirements. Archimatika is a team of architects, engineers, designers, and innovators, specializing in the design and planning of large residential and mixed-use development sites and the planning of whole city districts. The company provides the full range of general designer services, such as architecture, MEP, structural design, project management, and author supervision support until the end of construction. For Archimatika, it is essential to create aesthetic solutions that impress, remember, delight, and evoke emotions. In 2019, Archimatika expanded its practice in Norway, so now the company has three offices: in Oslo, Moscow, and the headquarter in Kyiv.

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