• Practice: Architektura
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Záběhlice, Prague
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2002

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

David Kraus

The Architektura studio is led by David Kraus, a graduate of the FA ČVUT in Prague (1989–1996), who studied with Professor Šik (New Czech Work) and since 2002 owns the Architektura office. The realizations of the studio are in the Czech Republic, USA, Germany, Oman and Slovakia. In his work, he develops his own alternative path of architecture and works with unusual sources of inspiration. The experimental work of David Kraus was presented at the VISION 1997 exhibition. The documentary White Crows (ČT) was filmed about him. He lectures, taught at VŠUP, FA ČVUT, and TUL Liberec, exhibits, and publishes, his work has been awarded some prizes (for example, the 2018 Czech Architecture Prize, and the 2018 Grand Prix National Architecture Prize). His artwork is represented in the collections of the National Gallery and presented in professional and lay media at home and abroad.

Practice Ideology

The work and experience of the studio include the entire process, including implementation, and it combines architecture with construction itself. The architecture emphasizes practice – the goal is a realized building that enhances the team’s collective experience. Architecture cooperates with young architects forming a small community works in a building named Forge. A characteristic feature of Architecture is the specific visual style of the proposed solutions, the principle of the Journey, and the Story. The architecture combines contemporary modern technology with the simplest construction, producing things with passion and individualism. Our clients were or are Prague Airport, the Fire Rescue Department of the Capital City of Prague, the General Directorate of the Police of the Czech Republic, many cities and municipalities, the Lithuanian Embassy, Europapier, Wurth, Ikem, Thomayer Hospital, Bulovka and many private investors. We are looking for information, inspiration and motivation outside of architecture – in martial arts, drumming, visual arts, writing, or physical work; at sea, in the forest, or on the street. We strive for human versatility, unclassibility, and unstylishness, we admire the principle of the Renaissance man. We believe in the real and present reality – it is an opportunity for us, but we also believe in worlds behind the mirror. We are still looking for the Czech way.

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