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Martin Mikovčák

Martin, an Ir. Architect from Cadca, Slovakia, crossed paths with Michiel during his exchange at St. Lucas, where they conceived the concept of Ark-Shelter. As head of design and production he is always optimizing plans, streamlining production, or inventing new techniques.




Michiel De Backer

Michiel is born and raised in Lichtervelde. He studied architecture at St Lucas in Ghent, where he developed a passion for modular architecture, leading to the creation of Ark-Shelter. He is creative and charismatic and his experience will always lead to the best solution.




Practice Ideology

Ark-Shelter was born as a means of shelter, with an appreciation for low-tech architecture. In the beginning, it was just that: a shelter, a cocoon away from fast-paced daily life, a quiet place to reconnect with and appreciate nature, and a home where you can find yourself. The very first shelter was self-sufficient without any impact. It collected and filtered rainwater, turned it into drinkable water and used solar panels and batteries to store the energy generated. After that, we came to realize that our creations should be more focused on our biological rhythms.

Our designs are easy to adapt to different stages of life or activities, for example, by folding out the sides. An Ark can stand by itself, as multiple units placed as a small village or cabin hotel, or joined into a larger building.

With our unique designs, we want people to recharge in a minimalist space and focus on the here and now, and become empowered and healthier than before by restoring their natural biorhythms.

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