Arquitec DC



  • Practice: Arquitec DC
  • Year: 2012

Arq. Carlos  Abraham Salomón Carrillo

Architec graduated in UADY University of Architecture, in Mérida, Yucatán, México at 2011. With studies in Zaragoza´s University in Zaragoza, Spain in 2009. This make him a big perspective of Architecture in so many places of Europe, and some kind of tools for develop architec´s concepts that mix the mexican culture whit some vision of another stytles. Definitely Architecture gives us some kind of unknow dimension til the point we are able to live it.



Karlo Edgardo Meneses Figueroa

Architec graduated in Modelo University, in Mérida, Yucatán, México at 2012. With a clear own concept of architecture. Architecture is making us understand that beauty is one of the maximum values ​​of this land, beauty is a way of redemption, it is a way of social justice, kindness, of transmitting to others the solidarity of space, of beauty, of harmony and happiness …Not just mentioning the architect’s ego.



Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Color is an integral element of our world, not only in the natural environment, but also in the architectural environment produced by man. Color is necessary in architecture and beyond interior design or that function for the desire to beautify and unique.

Basically our concept is focus on the great style created by the legendary Architec an Ingeneer Barragán and the architect Legorreta, mix it with our own vison of modern elements of contemporary architecture. We belive in meaningful architecture, also we belive in garden architecture, nature have to be tied to architecture because is necessary that people learn to live in connection with it. The architecture plays a very important rol in the life of people, because we belive it’s capable of change the way we feel, the way we think, the way we act and the way we love everyting is around us, our environment.

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