Atelier 21

Atelier 21


  • Practice: Atelier 21
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  • Firm Location: Quebec, Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Year: NA

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Practice Ideology

Atelier 21 is an architecture firm with solid foundations in Quebec, Ontario. It was born of the reunion of three experienced architects: Christian Bernard, Patrice LaRochelle, and Carlo Peirolo. The firm occupies the 21st floor at 800 Place d’Youville, on the threshold of the Old Quebec gates.

In search of an excellent-quality conceptual design that will gracefully travel through time, Atelier 21’s professionals offer renowned expertise in building and planning large institutional and commercial buildings as well as in urban design. Atelier 21 architects have completed nearly 2,000 projects, namely for the Canadian government, provincial government, the Assemblée nationale, the Commission de la Capitale nationale, Quebec City, and numerous public and private societies.

Atelier 21 is also dedicated to green building and sustainable development. With its LEED-certified professionals, the firm offers services for LEED System consultation and implementation as well as solid expertise for building envelope rehabilitation. This vision embraces the principles of balanced and responsible use of natural resources.

Architects and designers from the firm pledge to promote harmonious and functional architecture. Respect for the environment and preservation of heritage, whether ancient or modern, are at the heart of their concerns and lead to a user-centred design. The user must benefit from a high level of functionality and comfort while enjoying a healthy environment.

The sensitivity of the firm to these issues was highlighted by winning dozens of awards and citations, including eight certificates of recognition from the Commission d’urbanisme de la Ville de Québec and two awards in architecture from L’Ordre des architectes du Québec.

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