Atelier DRK

Atelier DRK


  • Practice: Atelier DRK
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Guarda
  • Country: Portugal
  • Year: 2009

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Practice Ideology

We create architectural pieces. Specializing in housing, services and mixed used architecture, is in the reconstruction and rehabilitation we have our focus. Striving for sustainability and cultural values, we seek not ‘fashions’ but what is meant to be timeless quality.  It is not just a question of thinking outside the box, we need to try, try and try again. We feel the need to put everything we got into each new project, and we don’t seek approval, we seek perfection instead. We try to be brave enough to edit rather than keep on adding and above all we never be afraid to push boundaries, because that’s the only way to achieve such an amassing simplicity, lightness and excellence once seemly unattainable, yet now so widely admired.

Founded in 2009, we have been testing ideas, researching and growing in the field of architecture. Ensuring interpersonal relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, it is through a broad confrontation of ideas and thoughts from different areas, that seeks to ensure the best solution for each case presented. We belive in the power of experience elevating the banal to poetic and the everyday into sublime. Our work seeks the creation of experiences through the elements, and so with us nothing will be the same.

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