Atelier Meadow

Atelier Meadow


  • Practice: Atelier Meadow
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Tabriz, Jannat, Kosar Blvd
  • Country: Iran
  • Year: 2022

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Edoardo Nieri









Practice Ideology

Founded in 2022 by the Italian architect Edoardo Nieri, Atelier Meadow is an architecture and interior design practice focusing on reestablishing the meaning of dwelling for a poetic way of living.

After his Master Degree from the Department of Architecture in Florence, Edoardo moved to China, where he could work for many years in architecture and interior design, developing a keen eye for details, simplicity, natural materials, and traditions. In 2021, he became an associate partner of the multidisciplinary art studio “No Name Studio,” which allowed him to approach art reality by working on galleries and installations in close contact with artists.

The amount of his work varies from architectural projects to interior and furniture design. One of the aspects of his work is to consider architecture and its interior as a singularity, aiming to create experiences that interact with people on a deeper level in order to build and generate “cozy memories.” 

“In a society that keeps following market trends and the growing economy, the speed of life is distracting us from the singularity and the uniqueness of moments in life. Coming back home or entering any of our spaces has to be perceived instead as a moment of rest and enrichment, reconnecting with our inner part. A subtle approach is a way of thinking, a way of seeing places and their perception. It’s an act of culture and worship towards those small details that bind people with nature to elevate the experience of living to a matter of dwelling.”

Edoardo Nieri

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