Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co.,LTD

Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co.,LTD


  • Practice: Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co.,LTD
  • Firm Location: Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Year: NA

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

LIU Juanjuan







Practice Ideology

Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd., located in Beijing, China, is a subsidiary of Bloomage International and is currently one of the most influential space design and project management companies in China. Relying on the powerful platform of Bloomage International, it realises the design management and landing presentation of all assets, all professions, and all processes. The industrial format covers various types, such as cultural and sports venues, commercial complexes, cultural and creative hotels, comprehensive office buildings, cinemas, sales centres, and model rooms. 

Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd. is currently one of the emerging spatial design teams and design consulting firms in the domestic market. Founded by Juanjuan Liu, the company excels at exploring the creative potential of spaces from a unique perspective and with keen business acumen. It pursues innovation and creativity, using a distinctive design language to interpret the conversational nature of space. 

“Expect the Unexpected in All Things” has always been the design goal pursued by the WWD All-Things team, offering clients high-value design products and services. Since its inception, the company has led the team to achieve numerous international design awards. WWD All-Things empowers design through an attitude of originality, innovation, disruption, and dialogue.

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