Bruno H Gomes Arquitectura

Bruno H Gomes Arquitectura


  • Practice: Bruno H Gomes Arquitectura
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Vale de Cambra
  • Country: Portugal
  • Year: NA

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Bruno H Gomes

Born in Vale de Cambra, 1985.

Architect, by the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Lusíada University of Porto in 2015 with a master’s thesis, under the theme “Visitable Ruins – Convent of Ermelo in Baião” Intervention, Conservation and Restoration of Heritage. He worked for 14 years in project preparation in a construction company, essentially in industrial buildings and metallic structures, thus consolidating a vast experience in this field. He has been developing architectural projects since 2014 and it was his passion for architecture that led to the creation of this physical space, always focusing on difference.


Practice Ideology

The scope of the studio is vast, ranging from renovations to housing construction, extending to business, commercial and service spaces.

Our philosophy is characterized by the pleasure of developing each project in the image of each client, transforming the dream into the ideal solution. We have an innovative, dedicated and demanding character that sets us apart and allows us to be closer to the contemporary world, giving each client a singular and unique answer. We don’t think about doing the impossible, but about making what is possible real, and dedication, training, meeting deadlines, ease of communication and thoughtfulness in each project gave us the necessary balance to continue to give solid answers in an increasingly competitive market.

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