Bruno Rossi Arquitetos

Bruno Rossi Arquitetos


  • Practice: Bruno Rossi Arquitetos
  • Website:
  • Country: Brazil
  • Year: 2012

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Bruno Rossi – Principal Architect

Practice Ideology

Bruno Rossi Arquitetos is an architecture firm based in the cities of são paulo and campinas, directed by architect Bruno Rossi, graduated from Puc-Campinas, with a stint at Universidad de Sevilla and a postgraduate degree at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, which he has held since 2014 the professional activity together with the academic one, as professor of disciplines of architecture design. The balance of these complementary fronts has guided the office’s activity, reflecting in the way that the projects are thought. on the one hand, the utopia that the discipline of architecture is one of the alternatives to rethink the way we live and live in the world. on the other, the practical vision of the appropriate use of resources, construction systems and economic viability. The office is based on the premise that drawings, ideas and architectural concepts are only complete when they become a built object. therefore, it is essential to understand the need for interdisciplinarity, with the search for the realization of the entire process, from the analysis of feasibility, design, compatibility, completion of the work and occupation.

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