Carter Williamson

Carter Williamson


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Shaun Carter
Principal Architect

Shaun is the founding architect of Carter Williamson Architects. He is the Principal Architect of the practice, overseeing all projects, large or small. Shaun came to architecture with a Structural Engineering degree and many years working in the construction industry. In his Architecture studies he won a Board of Architects Award and the Alexander Lloyd prize for design. By the time he graduated with 1st Class Honours in Architecture from the University of Technology, Sydney, he had a comprehensive understanding of design, structure and construction. Shaun brings this knowledge to every design project. This experience provides the anchor points for Carter Williamson’s architectural expression to be fully explored. Shaun believes architecture is the construction of ideas represented as sequences of space illuminated by natural light. These ideas form the spaces we live in, move through, and make us feel better for having been in. Architecture should make our lives better. Shaun loves the making of buildings. Where the evidence of human hands are always present in the design and built fabric. He believes it connects us to who we are and what we are capable of. It allows us to understand that we are imperfect beings and that we can soar when inspired. Carter Williamson buildings are the embodiment of these ideals. At Carter Williamson, Shaun is inspired by the wonderful colleagues he is fortunate to work with. The studio environment encourages wide-ranging conversations that broaden and strengthen everyone’s approach to architecture.

Practice Ideology

Carter Williamson is a multiple award-winning design studio with a strong commitment to rigorous, beautiful and robust architecture. The belief that design quality can make a real difference to the way we live, work and move through our world is central to the way we work. Our architecture is playful, clever, crafted and thoughtful; responsive to client and brief and a joy to be in. We relish the opportunity and challenge of working across a wide range of projects and scales, from public and commercial, residential to multi-residential, and everything in between. We believe that the interior environment has the potential to be extraordinary and should fill us with joy and curiosity; that architecture should allow us to feel safe and secure, confident and expressive, quiet and reflective; that good architecture should make our lives better.

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